Plant Science and Biotechnology

Plant science refers to a wide spectrum of study and scientific studies that look at the estimated 410,000 land plant species on the planet. Plant science is the study of how plants are utilised to provide food, change the environment, restore damaged landscapes, promote human health and well-being, improve communal surroundings, and provide recreational and practical benefits to the general public. Plant science and biotechnology offers opportunities in a wide range of disciplines that are essential to understanding plants and their interactions with other species, as well as opportunities to specialize in plant biotechnology. Forests and allied plant systems are the focus. Plant community dynamics as influenced by humans and the environment; mechanisms of plant succession; epidemiology of forest and urban tree diseases; taxonomy, physiology, growth, photosynthesis, plant reproductive biology, genetic engineering, plant-pathogen interactions, tissue culture, and ancient DNA research are all current research interests.

    Plant Biotechnology
    Agronomy and Agricultural Research
    Plant Ecology and Plant Taxonomy
    Horticulture& Landscaping
    Plant tissue culture
    Agricultural Microbiology
    Phytochemical Analysis
    Plant breeding and Genetics
    Organic Farming
    GMO and GM Crop
    Plant Biotechnology and Applications
    Plant Molecular Biology
    Plant Nutrition
    Soil and Crop Sciences
    Plant Physiology and Eco Physiology
    Plant - Biotic Interactions
    Seed Science and Technology
    Biodiversity and Plant Ecology
    Plant Nutrition and Soil Sciences
    Forest Science And Technology